Thu 20th November 14 :

IRB Rebranded as World Rugby

New World Rugby logo New World Rugby logo Image credited to World Rugby ©

World Rugby has officially launched with the unveiling of its logo and brand, bringing to a close the 2014 World Rugby Conference and Exhibition in London on Tuesday.

At the heart of the brand is a distinctive positioning, expressed visually through a modernised and progressive logo that embodies World Rugby’s mission statement to grow the game globally, retaining a link to the organisation’s heritage through its blue and green colour scheme.

With Rugby continuing to inspire and engage new audiences and players around the world, the launch is the culmination of a rebranding process undertaken with the assistance of FutureBrand.

World Rugby Chairman Bernard Lapasset said: "Global Rugby participation has boomed by more than two million to 6.6 million players over the past four years, driven by the commercial success of Rugby World Cup, World Rugby’s development strategies and record investment, strong and vibrant Unions and Rugby’s re-inclusion in the Olympic Games."

"Today’s launch embodies our mission statement to grow the global Rugby family beyond our traditional family and fan base and reflects the federation’s evolution from Rugby regulator to Rugby inspirer."

The rebrand will have no impact on Rugby World Cup 2015 branding or positioning, which will remain as it is with its iconic logo throughout the current event cycle.

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